NRP's New Stage!


Raising Money for Crackerjacks!


Ray Lodge
10th Oct 2017

Chesterton Graduation!

Celebration Time

10th Jul 2018

Ray Lodge End of Term Party!

Friday 20th July 2018

Ray Lodge
16th Jul 2018

NRP's New Stage!

Norwich Research Park

14th Aug 2020

Performing Arts


Yesterday at Chestnut NRP we introduced our Darwin Room children to our brand new stage and performing arts area! It was a huge success and we truly believe we have some future stars in the making 😊

Drama is a great way of introducing and sustaining social skills in any early years setting. As outside providers, our first sessions are always about reflecting on the existing social skills in a group and what settings have already established.

Drama offers many opportunities to be part of a team and to learn to empathise with others’ points of view. The pretend play is ‘practice’ for real life experience as they grow older.






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