The Maples' November!


Raising Money for Crackerjacks!


Ray Lodge
10th Oct 2017

Chesterton Graduation!

Celebration Time

10th Jul 2018

Ray Lodge End of Term Party!

Friday 20th July 2018

Ray Lodge
16th Jul 2018

The Maples' November!

The Maples

12th Nov 2018

It's been a busy month


The children at Chestnut Nursery Schools The Maples baked cakes to sell and raise money for the charity Children In Need! They managed to collect £35.41 with all their parents and families’ support - Well done to The Maples!
Chestnut Nursery Schools The Maples recently had their termly parents’ coffee morning. This allows the nursery to continue to work in partnership with their families, and allow them to extend the children’s learning together. Also weekly, one of the parents carries out activities to encourage the children to sign, dance and move in different ways. It’s great to see such a strong community of parents and families at The Maples!

The children at Chestnut Nursery Schools The Maples have been enjoying their wood work activities, learning about all the tools on the bench, and using their safety equipment. This allowed them to gain lots of practical skills while learning through play!

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