William Bellamy Activities!


Raising Money for Crackerjacks!


Ray Lodge
10th Oct 2017

Chesterton Graduation!

Celebration Time

10th Jul 2018

Ray Lodge End of Term Party!

Friday 20th July 2018

Ray Lodge
16th Jul 2018

William Bellamy Activities!

William Bellamy

18th Oct 2018

Learning through play


Chestnut Nursery Schools William Bellamy have been very busy with lots of different activities! It’s great to see so much going on that the children can learn from through play!

Ice activity ❄️❄️ : The children have been exploring the effects of mixing colours by using water paints and paintbrushes with ice, when the ice starts to melt. They were able to identify what colours they made and how through peer discussions.

Natural resources activity 🌳🌳 : The children were provided with water, flour, pasta, leaves and utensils to experiment with cooking, mixing the resources together based on their own first hand experiences.

Bugs 🦋🦋 : The children were offered a range of mini-beasts, pencils and paper to use to try and draw their own portraits representing the mini beast they’ve chosen.

Designing faces 🧒👧 : The children were offered a range of resources including tissue paper, lentils, pom-poms, buttons and pasta to recreate their own faces.



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