Story Time Videos

Join our story times as a family.

With everyone staying safe and staying home, we at Chestnut Nursery Schools created a whole host of story book readings, and posted the videos online for families to enjoy, and for Chestnut children to gain a bit of comfort in difficult times. As we start to transition back to our normal lives, we thought it would be nice for children and families to easily access those stories, whenever they like!

You'll find those bed-time favourites, those catchy nursery rhymes, along with those familiar faces the children see everyday at nursery! The videos will be on here 24/7.

We will try to keep adding more in the future, so remember to check back for new appearances. Enjoy!

Story Time: "I'm Not Cute"


Story Time: "Hide-and-Seek Pig"


Story Time: "Goldilocks and the Three Bears"


Story Time: "Elmer's Special Day"


Story Time: "Cave Baby"


Story Time: "Big Hair, Don't Care"


Story Time: "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?"


Story Time: "Baz and Benz"


Story Time: "All Are Welcome"


Story Time: "Five Little Ducks"