Parent-Zone App

Easily track your child's development.

“iConnect” is the award-winning software for practitioners. It enables staff to save hours each week and more time on their key children. Observations can be done instantly on tablets in the rooms, and all the information is stored safely, ready to access again when needed for assessments and checks. iConnect allows us to log observations and assessments against multiple frameworks, such as the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum).

Chestnut Nursery Schools also use “ParentZone” as a system of communication so parents and carers can keep up to date with observations. Daily diaries are completed and uploaded for the parent or carers to view with regards to their child’s sleep times, meal times, nappy changes and accident information. In addition, parents and carers can take a lead with their child’s learning by offering strategies they may use within their home, uploading pictures or videos of activities, occasional outings, and commenting on observations and assessments. “ParentZone” and “iConnect” allow us to provide parents with as much information on their child’s development as possible, so we recommend downloading this when your child is at nursery.