Food & Nutrition

Keeping your child healthy.

Food and nutrition is an important part of your children’s development. With a suitable diet, a child’s growth is at a significant advantage. Your child will receive regular healthy meals, snacks, and drinks. By having these nutritious dishes, your child will also experience a more positive mealtime, which they will take with them through life.

We provide a pleasant atmosphere for children to eat at mealtimes, and as they eat amongst friends, they experience social interactions and learning during their lunch or snack. If your child has dietary or cultural requirements with their food, we are more than happy to accommodate this, as your child’s best interest is at the heart of everything we do. We promote healthy eating and hygiene throughout all of our nurseries, with children learning correct hygiene practices around their food, and staff being trained in food handling and hygiene.

To find out more about the specific food care of your desired nursery, please get in touch directly, or why not arrange a visit? Our staff will be more than happy to show you around our wonderful facilities.