COVID-19 Re-opening Policy

What are we doing to keep families safe

At Chestnut Nursery Schools, we aim to re-open as many settings as we can on Monday 1st June, however this will look very different in some ways to the usual way we operate.

Following on from government guidelines with schools/nurseries reopening, we are currently establishing robust risk assessments to protect children, staff, and parents/carers while at school.

Any keyworker families returning to work, along with those families who fall under the “vulnerable” category, will be prioritised with a space at the nursery, at this stage your usual setting may not be in operation immediately however we will update you on which sites will be in full operation.

From the 1st June 2020:

  • Parents/Carers will no longer be able to access the setting when dropping off/collecting their child. Parents /Carers will drop children off at the main entrance/suitable entrance and staff with assist the children into their classrooms.


  • All children and staff will wash their hands upon arrival at the nursery.


  • Children should not be permitted to bring items from home into the setting unless absolutely essential for their wellbeing. Where this is the case items will be appropriately cleaned upon arrival.


  • Children will be organised into small groups wherever possible and these small groups will not mix during the day with any other class.


  • Care routines including provision of meals, nappy changing, and toileting will be within the space allocated to each class wherever possible.


  • Outdoor spaces will be used by different classes at different times of the day where possible.


  • Children will be supported in age appropriate ways to understand the steps they can take to keep themselves safe including regular hand washing and sneezing into a tissue and children and staff members will be encouraged to wash their hands frequently.


  • Children will be supported to understand the changes and challenges they may be encountering as a result of Covid-19 and staff will ensure they are aware of children’s attachments and their need for emotional support at this time.


  • Visitors will not be permitted to the nursery unless essential (e.g. essential building maintenance). Where essential visits are required these should be made outside of the usual nursery operational hours where possible.


  • All resources required for play and learning experiences of children will be regularly washed and/or sterilised.


  • Equipment used by staff such as stationary, tablets etc. will be allocated to individual staff members where possible and cleaned regularly.


  • An enhanced cleaning schedule will be implemented that includes furniture, surfaces and children’s toys and equipment.


  • Communal areas, touch points and hand washing facilities will be cleaned and sanitised regularly.


  • Staff are encouraged to wear face coverings when travelling on public transport to work and encouraged to walk/ride where possible.


  • Staff will change into work uniform once they have arrived at the setting and will follow a serious of hygiene process before going to the classroom.


  • Staff will be encouraged to remain on site during their break and bring in a packed lunch and these will be staggered to avoid over crowding.


  • Staff will be following regular guidance on PPE where possible.


  • In the event of a child developing suspected coronavirus symptoms whilst attending the setting, they will be collected as soon as possible and isolate at home in line with the NHS guidance.


  • Whilst waiting for the child to be collected they will be isolated from others in a previously identified room or area. If possible, a window should be opened for ventilation.


  • The staff member responsible for the child during this time should be a staff member from their small group.  Staff will wear suitable PPE.


  • In the event of a staff member developing suspected coronavirus symptoms whilst working at the nursery, they should return home immediately and isolate at home in line with the NHS guidance


This is a working policy and therefore will be updated following government guidance.