I started working for Chestnut Nursery Schools 5 years ago after graduating University with an Early Childhood Studies degree. I have dedicated my entire career to offering children the foundations for successful learning. I pride myself on offering a safe and nurturing environment for the children in my care as well as working closely alongside their parents and carers to ensure that strong home/school links are made.

I love the fact that working with children can be a completely unique and different experience every single day. I feel to run a successful setting it is imperative to ensure the children, parents and staff form positive working relationships. These positive relationships are our first stepping stone for encouraging the children to fulfil their potential and enjoy their school experience.

I have been lucky enough to thrive, both personally and professionally at Chestnut Nursery School. I have been given opportunities to further my own learning and development as well as progress to a senior management level, through the company’s recognition of my potential and hard work. I am a strong believer in always having more to learn, and I believe that working within such an established company with an impeccable reputation will allow me to successfully grow and develop into the Manager I want to become.

Georgia Froud, Manager

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