My name is Lorraine Kara, I have worked for Chestnut for a year at our Tollgate branch where my team and I achieved a good from Ofsted in our last inspection that was a amazing feeling.
I took the challenge to move to a larger setting in Earlham I have a can do attitude I am adaptable and can quickly switch roles to priorities between tasks around the nursery. I believe that by setting a good example for staff and role modelling good practice i will get a more productive team. I always pop into the rooms say hello to all staff and children giving them support when needed. Making time to speak to staff everyday I feel this helps maintain an excellent relationship with both staff and parents to allow us to work together to reach the nursery goal of putting children welfare and well-being in the forefront of any decision we make in the setting.

Lorraine Kara, Manager

Term-Time Opening Times
  • Monday: 07:30-18:30
  • Tuesday: 07:30-18:30
  • Wednesday: 07:30-18:30
  • Thursday: 07:30-18:30
  • Friday: 07:30-18:30
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